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Everyone has a story, and nobody is normal. Listen as mental health advocate and top 50 TEDx speaker Mark Henick explores the idea of normalcy through the art of storytelling. After years of telling his own story of suicide attempts, and eventually finding the stranger who saved his life, Mark sits down with other fascinating media figures and unsung heroes to unravel their encounters with struggle and resilience. The result is a deep dive into the inspiring lives of people who have persevered.

Aug 26, 2019

Mark is joined by Anna Mehler Paperny, a Reuters reporter and author of Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me, a new book speaking to her experience with depression and suicide. She and Mark have a deeply personal conversation about the similarities between their stories, Anna's process in committing her struggles to the...

Aug 19, 2019

Elementary school assistant principal and mental health advocate Al Levin joins Mark to discuss his experience dealing with depression as a leader, a man, and a pillar of his community and family. They discuss how these roles can affect mental health and our awareness own mental health issues.

Check out Al's podcast,...

Aug 12, 2019

Mark is joined by Rudy Caseres, an award-winning mental health speaker, social media influencer, and host of No Restraints with Rudy Caseres, a weekly Facebook Live interview show. They discuss his life with bipolar disorder, his brief time in the army, and his experience with involuntary commitment to a psychiatric...

Aug 5, 2019

Mark is joined by Sarah Schuster, the Mental Health Editor of The Mighty. They discuss Sarah's personal mental health story and The Mighty's person-centric approach to health advocacy. They also discuss the use of online platforms to build a community of people sharing their stories and supporting each other.