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Everyone has a story, and nobody is normal. Listen as mental health advocate and top 50 TEDx speaker Mark Henick explores the idea of normalcy through the art of storytelling. After years of telling his own story of suicide attempts, and eventually finding the stranger who saved his life, Mark sits down with other fascinating media figures and unsung heroes to unravel their encounters with struggle and resilience. The result is a deep dive into the inspiring lives of people who have persevered.

Jun 24, 2019

Mark is joined by Blake Fly, a motivational speaker who visits universities around the world to help students graduate happy and appreciative. They talk about the many surprising extracurriculars Blake took on in university, how to make a memorable first impression, and the power of a "thank call" over a prank call. 

Jun 17, 2019

Mark sits down with Lynn Keane - advocate, speaker, former broadcast journalist, and author of "Give Sorrow Words". 

Since the sudden passing of her son Daniel in 2009, she has dedicated her life to sharing her family’s story, educating about the underlying causes of depression and the importance of treating mental...

Jun 10, 2019

Filmmaker and grassroots educator Steph Guthrie joins Mark to talk about her experiences as a feminist advocate who has faced online harassment from the far right and her work with films like the award-winning documentary A Better Man. She discusses what she's learned from legal battles, social media conflicts, and...

Jun 3, 2019

Mark is joined by Jeremie Saunders, Brian Stever, and Taylor Macgillivary from Sickboy podcast, a funny and honest look into what it's like to live with sickness and disease. They talk about how a creative project among friends turned into a hit show, the most impactful guests they've spoken with, and the way the...